Standing up for Rogers Road and Women's Health


It's been an eventful year in Chapel Hill. From working to bring sewer service to the Rogers Road community to standing up for access to reproductive health services, I've kept busy in 2013 and wanted to send you an update on the projects I've been working on.

In January, I was appointed to the Historic Rogers Road Task Force which is working to build a community center and bring water and sewer services to the Rogers Road community. This neighborhood was promised these services in return for bearing the negative consequences of a landfill next door decades ago, and our local governments have not followed through on our promise. Over the last 40 years, the neighborhood has had to bear the burden of negative health and safety impacts of a landfill that for some residents sits just a stone's throw away from their home. The work of the task force has been slow moving, but it's also been rewarding to work toward providing services to the neighborhood that were promised decades ago. Our task force held its last meeting on August 21st and we approved a report that will be shared with all local governments later this fall. I’m proud that the final version of the report included a recommendation I made that local governments allocate funding to provide sewer service by May 2015. 

I’ve also devoted time this year to defending cities and towns from recent attacks from the North Carolina General Assembly. I worked with Planned Parenthood last month to defend the rights of local municipalities to purchase comprehensive health insurance policies (including access to abortion coverage). I helped circulate a letter that was signed by over 50 local elected officials asking the governor to veto SB 353 which severely restricts the healthcare decisions of women and families. Unfortunately, Governor McCrory signed into law this legislation taking away our rights as cities and towns to include abortion coverage in our healthcare plans (along with other major restrictions to abortion access to women in our state). 
Our first council meeting of the fall season is on September 9th, and I hope you’ll be in touch if there is an issue of concern on your mind. I’ll be holding several open office hours this fall around Chapel Hill, and I hope you’ll stop by if there is an issue you would like to discuss. If you can’t make it, give me a call at919-914-0311 or e-mail me at .

Sincerely, Lee

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